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Traveler. Nature, art, and healthy food lover. Earth is my mother.
One is all, and all is now.
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Friends, please do not waste clean water for this challenge. There are so many people without access to clean drinking water + western parts of our country (US) are currently suffering from extreme droughts. Donate or spread awareness about ALS by word/social media without the challenge instead. Please try not to be wasteful with the things we take for granted!

We are one, you and I. We are like the earth and sky; one family under the sun.

"We Are One", Lion King: Simba’s Pride



Watch America’s prison population explode over the course of 34 years in this stunning GIF

The big increase in prisoners started at the same time U.S. prisons started being privatized - owned by corporations and run for profit using prisoners as virtual slave labor.  Here’s a link to one of many good articles on the subject:

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